EIR talks: How to start a career in code

October 9

Learning how to code? Curious about a career as a web develop or a software engineer? Come to meet some talented developers to hear about their careers in code and pick their brains about how you can get started.
Meet our Developers:

Emre Koc has a decade of experience in software development and is absolutely mad about data visualization and dashboards. During his career he’s seen it all and helped many a dev get their start. He is a fulltime engineer at Iglu and one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence at DSH.

Kris Szabo finished a humanities degree and then wondered what the hell he was supposed to do for money. Seeing opportunities in programming, he started teaching himself how to code and picking up jobs on Upwork. With zero formal training, he now has a lucrative career working on web apps and WordPress build-outs.

Event Details

Timing: 6pm - 9pm

Draper Startup House

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