Conspiracy theories – Real talk Chiang Mai

October 21

What are the common psychological traits of conspiracy theorists? What are conspiracy theories? Do conspiracy theories fill a void that’s been left in the absence of religion? What role does social media play in propagating conspiracy theories? Could some conspiracy theories be real?

Join Real Talk Chiang Mai every Wednesday at Food4Thought for meaningful conversation, unbiased talks, games, music, art, panelist Q&As, and more exploring contemporary divisive issues from gender pronouns to veganism.

Drink, think, discuss!

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  • Community discussions with curated questions
  • Talks exploring 1) conspiracy theories, 2) the people who make conspiracy theories, 3) conspiracy culture, and more
  • Artwork
  • A song written for the Forum by Izzy Yoma
  • Community Haiku and Drawing Contest
  • Great food and drinks from Food 4 Thought

Event Details

Timing: 7.30pm - 10.30pm