CMU IMC 2019

July 12 - July 15

What is CMU-IMC ?

CMU-IMC stands for “Chiang Mai University International Medical Challenge”. It is an international competition held annually by Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine, Thailand, attended by medical students from various countries around the world.

Our uniqueness is that the event’s theme is rotationally changed every year under 5 themes;
1. Basic to Clinical Pathophysiology
2. Basic to Clinical Biochemistry
3. Basic to Clinical Anatomy
4. Hematology and transfusion medicine
5. Basic to Clinical Infectious Diseases In this year, CMU-IMC 2019 is being held under the theme of “Basic to Clinical Physiology”.

• To develop national and international relationships among medical students for good cooperation in the future.
• To promote academic environment and interest among medical students.
• To encourage the exchange of knowledge between Thai and international medical students.

Event Details

Timing: 12.00 - 6.00 pm

CMU International
Medical Challenge