Rumble on the Range

July 25

Welcome to 333 Range’s inaugural 3-Gun event! “We’re honored to have 3-Gun Nation in first year of competition at our world class shooting facilities, The mpnth of July 2019 will be action packed including the highly anticipated shooting matches, a vendor row, radical off-road vehicle showcases and more. Shooting sports enthusiasts and motor sport fans alike won’t want to miss these exciting three days at 333 Shooting Range in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Shooter Participate Eligibility
This is are Rookies competition: participants need to be members of the 333 Gun Club Thailand and a member 3 Gun Nation of the United States, and in the past you don’t have won any Trophies of the 3 GN in any place (except the 3 GN Airsoft award).

Event Details

Timing: 4.00 - 7.00 pm

Inaugural 333 Gun Shooting Competition. US$5,000 1st prize

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