Elite Sport and Business with Neua Pan WILDSIDE Chiang Mai

June 2

Join us for a panel discussion and networking event at Wildside Chiang Mai.

We will be talking to Neua Pan. Neua has a very interesting story. Born in Bangkok, but grown up in Australia. Loving biking and nature as a young boy, he went on to become a professional mountain biker at the age of 15, and competed all over the world for next 10 years before he decided to retire his professional mountain-biking career in 2019.

Now, among other things, Neua runs Wildside, an outdoor community space with bike shop, boldering gym, playground, bar and bistro.
He also runs Leaf, a sustainable lifestyle brand with over 150 retail outlets throughout Thailand. Products consist of bamboo toothbrush, thermo cups, cloth bags, loofah sponges and more.

Read more and follow him at: https://lnk.bio/NeuaPanchareon

We will be talking to him about what it takes to compete at an elite level for 10 years, and how it is to transition in to businesses, and what his vision is for the companies he is running.

Drinks and snacks served in the bar.

Hope to see you there

Event Details

Timing: 6.30pm - 8pm