CSH3 Chiang Mai Saturday Hash

March 9 - September 21

The Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers or CSH3 is a mixed hash which meets every Saturday evening for a run and traditional circle. With over 1000 runs it has a long history of setting hash runs through the country side surrounding Chiang Mai. Founded in 1991 the Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers is now one of the most popular hashes in Chiang Mai, regularly attracting 30-40 runners, walkers and short cutters!

Whatever your age and ability you’ll be made welcome by the diverse group. There are some FRBs (Fast Running Bast*rds) who enjoy competing towards the front of the pack, but there are also plenty of walkers enjoying a pleasant stroll and a good chat. With approximately half female and half male, the hashers all get together for the circle afterwards – an opportunity to have a beer and be ‘splashed’ for whatever mistake you may have made.

The Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers has its traditions including the block of ice, willies, various awards, the plank, the arms and plenty more. Come along to the next run to find out more!

Event Details

Timing: 4.00 - 7.00 pm

Chiang Mai Hashing

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