Bowling 4 Queers at Bully Bowl

April 22


We’ve pinned down our first cliQue queer social event at Bully Bowl (Kad Suan Kaew, 4th Floor)!

If you’re here and you’re queer, grab life by the ballz and strike up a conversation with some new friends!
Food, snacks, beverages, and alcohol are available for sale at the venue!
If anyone’s still game to hang after bowling, we may continue at Red Room.


This event is limited to 20 People Total (including myself) due to the venue’s booking constraints – I reserved 5 lanes with 4 ppl at each lane.

To reserve your spot please use the Promptpay QR Code I’ve posted in the Discussion tab to prepay for the games and shoe rental >> then comment below the QR code that you’ve paid so we can keep track. 

Any additional games, food items, sock rental, etc can be handled at the venue.

Please be aware the venue is requiring bowlers to show proof of vaccination upon entry. 

Event Details


Bully Bowl (Kad Suan Kaew, 4th Floor)