Sunday TRE® ShAkE uP!

April 21 - January 26

Innovative group class where you can come and literally shake your tension and stress off in a 100% natural, safe and grounded way.

We meet every Sunday to practice TRE® and learn more about grounding together in a group. After an introduction given by Lori, Global TRE® Certification Trainer, we will do the 6 easy exercises all together and then you’ll tremor while lying down on a mat. We will be there to support and guide you in learning how to do TRE® in the most safe and effective way so you get the most out of your practice! After your shaking time, there is time for questions and to socialize with others about their experience.

Class fee: 300 Baht OR you can purchase a sHaKeMaTe 5-Class Card for 1,000 Baht and the opportunity to receive an extra free class for bringing a new mate to try out TRE® and it’s free for them too! 10-Class Cards also available for 1600 Baht (2 sHaKeMates) Purchase your Pass at the ShAkEuP.

What: Weekly Sunday TRE® ShAkE uP!
Where: Freedom Within Studio @Curve Mall
When: Sunday, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
What to bring: wear loose/stretchy pants

What is TRE®?

TRE® (Tension Release Exercises® ~ Berceli, 2005) reactivates the natural shaking mechanism you are designed with to calm down your nervous system and release/unwind your deep tension pattern from within so you can truly heal and come back HOME to YOU 😃. TRE® includes 6 exercises that will prepare your body to literally shake its traumas away. Our natural, instinctive way of handling high stress/traumatic situations is to tremor to release the charge. This is why when you have to do something out of your comfort zone such as speaking in front of a crowd, your hands shake as you try to hold your notes. Through TRE® we give our body an outlet for all the accumulation of big and little traumas that have been stored over the years.
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Event Details

Timing: 11.00 am - 12.30 pm

Freedom Within Studio

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