Your Solution Space (Mastermind 3.0)

May 30 - June 13

Struggling with business strategy? Conflicts with coworkers? Nobody buys your product? Do you feel stuck?

This workshop is Your Solution Space. Some say “it’s better than any masterminds or coaching”.
Join to find a solution to that disturbing problem. Don’t have a problem to share? Join anyway to help others and learn how to solve any future problems.

100% PRACTICAL. We’re not here to give a lecture. We’ll use a practical method to brainstorm together with a full focus on getting some real and urgent problems resolved.

Reserve 2 hours in your calendar! Or more, if you’d like to join us for dinner right after the workshop.

# Boost your business with more confident decisions, better relationships with your teams and clients, enhanced collaboration, and agile leadership style.
# Gain a fresh mindset with new perspectives leading to breakthrough solutions for your work and life.
# Develop ultimate communication style that will help you make deeper connections in which people feel valued and listened to.
# Connect with real people instead of a search engine and find answers to the important questions you didn’t know you had.

We will help each other solve work or personal challenges with a special focus on defining The Real Problem (as the saying goes, a problem well defined, is a problem half-solved). Everyone will ask plenty of questions which will support reflection and lead to a tangible action plan for the volunteers presenting their problems.

Bring a complex and urgent challenge you’d like to work on (any non-technical problem that bothers you, personal or work-related). You’ll have 15-20 minutes to discuss with the team about your individual challenge. During the rest of the time, you will support others in their challenge.

Don’t have a challenge to share yet? Join anyway, there’s a lot to learn for you by just helping others and reflecting on their challenges. Everyone gets to benefit from every workshop. Guaranteed.

Price: free (but donations are welcome)

“This is a great process, more structured than any masterminds or coaching.”
“Just intuitively we all may know what our problem is, but we just need to talk it out loud in the open and in the end, you know what you have to do.”
“We rarely talk about important things in life. In this workshop we were given space to have a meaningful interaction that can make a difference.”
“The group had to ask questions, which actually “forced” them to empathize with me. This works, it’s interesting!”

Event Details

Timing: 5.00 - 7.30 pm

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