Ice baths on the roof

January 28 - February 25

Take an ice bath on our rooftop! There’s nothing quite like a dunk in an icy bath to reset and refocus physically and mentally.
Please mark yourself as *going* so we know how much ice to get.
Before your icy soak, we will do breathing exercises to help train your brain and prepare your body. Hop in for a refreshing 30 seconds, or challenge yourself to stay in for a couple minutes, it’s up to you!
What are the benefits of ice baths?
* Reduce inflammation and flush out metabolic waste
* Excellent for recovery after a workout
* Improves mental focus by practicing willpower
* Activates your nervous system to improve sleep and mood
Please wear a swim suit and bring your own towel!
100 baht to join or free for members.
**Every Thursday**

Event Details

Timing: 10.30am

Draper Startup House

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