Traditional Cacao Ceremony at Amaravati Wellness Center

May 25

Book in advance for early bid price in the ticket link or pay at the entrance, please confirm your place first with us. Limited to 15 spaces.

Ceremony guided by Ricardo Goni (Mexico),Mexican Medicine Man. Mayan traditions.

​In 2012 Ricardo started a Peace Journey with the blessing of the Mayan Counsel, walking with Juan Carlos Reyes around Mexico, Ricardo continued the Peace Journey to South America, expanding Ancestral Traditions in Europe and now Asia.

If you are walking a path into love by healing old wounds, this is a ceremony which connects you with love , kindness and forgiveness, with others and with yourself.

Cost 500 Baht. (Early bid online 400 baht).

This ceremony is for you if you are looking to:
• Realign with the intelligence and wisdom of the heart.

• Recognize what is stagnant and heal it.

• Accelerate and activate your self awareness.

• Let go and heal that which no longer serves you.

• Having a clearer mind. increasing focus and alertness, immune system as well.

• Increase and regulates your sexual energy, reduce stress levels.

• Increase your energy and enthusiasm by being in a higher mood.

• And for all those people who wish to activate the wisdom of the heart to heal it and expand it in a loving vibration, to follow our soul purpose!
This Ceremonial Cacao is the origin of chocolate, a native seed from México (it was used by Aztecs, Mayans and the ancient cultures of Latin America), that contains the balance of components and ideal energies that stimulate that union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart.
Cacao contains chromium, magnesium, iron, caffeine, Phenethylamine, Anandamide,Tryptophan, Serotonin, Theobromine, Antioxidants, Manganese and Zinc.

It heats and activates a very special and loving frequency in each person. Acts at very subtle and deep levels. The spirit of CACAO allows you to harmonize emotionally and spiritually what you need, without the intervention of the mind. You will let go of that which does not serve you and you will process in a profound way that transformation and change that you need.


Comfortable clothes and a bottle of water. Those who attend please eat a good breakfast and not eat two hours before the ceremony. Avoid coffee during the day, if you can it is recommended. Drink herbal tea without caffeine and do not consume any other stimulants.

You can book a spa treatment at Amaravati wellness center, this has an extra cost and you need to book directly at:

NOTE: if you are nuts allergic or taking antidepressants, if you have or had a psychiatric condition this experience is not suitable for you.
Tickets are not refoundable, you can change the participant’s name , please let us know in advance.

If you test positive to Covid 10 days in advance, you can reschedule for a future ceremony, you will need to provide your positive test.

You are invited to a very unique experience, an ancestral ceremony, generations of knowledge from local traditions in Latin-America will be present, please show respect by not taking pictures, video or replicating any part of this ceremony if you haven’t ask permission (in the physical realm) to the elders of the Mayan traditions.

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