The Moors – By Jen Silverman

December 3 - November 6

Dark Horse Theatre is very excited to announce their 3rd full length play…

‘The Moors’

Written by Jen Silverman
Directed by Natalie Taylor

Two sisters, their maid and a dog live out their lives on the bleak and savage English moors, dreaming of love and power. The arrival of a hapless governess and a moor-hen set all four on a strange and dangerous path, where truths are revealed and loyalties shift.

Like all good Dark Horse shows, The Moors is a very dark comedy about love, desperation, and visibility. Think the Bronte Sisters meets Stephen King in the #MeToo era.

The Moors will show for four nights only:

Tuesday, 3 December
Wednesday, 4 December
Thursday, 5 December
Friday, 6 December

Doors and bar open at 6pm with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available and pre-show entertainment. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the show. Please note there is no Saturday show.

Tickets: 300 baht
– Through Ticketmelon
– At the venue from Wednesday, 16 October

Venue: WEAVE Artisan Society, Wu Lai Road Soi 3, just near the Saturday Walking Street.

“The Moors are a savage place, and we who live here, despite our attempts to cling to a modicum of civilisation, we find ourselves often forced to contend with savagery.”

Warning: This performance contains smoke and themes of violence.

Event Details

Timing: 7pm

WEAVE Artisan Society