Performing Arts Mixer

August 24

Come mix and mingle with Chiang Mai’s dazzling performing arts community! Performers, actors, dancers, musicians, festival-producers and lovers of the arts are all welcome.

This event is being put on by the new Chiang Mai Performing Arts CoOp. Why? Because we think getting to know each other and being friends can only help all of our projects and dreams succeed.

We’re also highlighting the incredible folks creating the city’s first Fringe Festival! If you’re involved, come shout about what’s happening and let the rest of us know how we can support you. If you’re keen to learn more, come and listen. Pre-buy tickets, sign up to volunteer, or just show up to say “hey, great job guys and gals!”

Other drama groups, entertainment producers, dance crews and related organizations are also welcome to set up a booth and share your upcoming projects with the community (please contact Rob Applegate to arrange – space is limited – RSVP early please!).

This party is BYOB Рcoolers, (reusable) cups and ice will be provided. Soft drinks will be sold and we have lined up delicious food from Hummus.   Check them out here:

Expect performances, both planned and impromptu, dancing and cavorting, and perhaps even a little fire-spinning.

Event Details

Timing: 7pm

Open Heart Home

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