February 27 - March 1

February 27 through March 1

Elwood P. Dowd is an endlessly pleasant and delightfully eccentric bachelor living in a small town that isn’t quite aware that its newest citizen is an invisible, 6 foot 3 inch white rabbit named “Harvey,” that only certain people can see.

It is a spring afternoon at the Dowd family home, and a tea party for the high-society ladies of the Wednesday Forum is in full swing. The hostess, Veta Louise Simmons, is hoping that the event will allow her daughter, Myrtle Mae, now in her twenties and still unmarried, to mingle with the mothers and grandmothers of some of the town’s remaining eligible bachelors. However, to Veta’s horror, her brother, Elwood, arrives home unexpectedly and in the company of his closest friend, Harvey. Veta and Myrtle Mae are mortified as Elwood begins introducing his companion to the ladies of the Wednesday Forum. The embarrassing family secret is now exposed, and all that Veta and Myrtle Mae can do is watch helplessly as their guests flee the house.

This 1944 Pulitzer Prize Winning play has something for the entire family

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Timing: 7pm and 2pm on 1st Mar

The Gate Theater

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