Tribal pool

February 27

Jungle tribes, savage beats, bouncy bass lines and a day to remember for the rest of your life… We want to welcome you all, to the first edition of Tribal Pool where mysticism, wild life, shamanic rituals and the spirit of the jungle will become the main theme of this Pool Party. Bring your ancestors roots and be part of this new tribe that we are going to create in this edition.

You will find how Bangkok DJ’s get involved with Chiang Mai DJ’s making you travel around different music genres and also mixing electronic music with organic instruments… in this party we are ready to make you fly.

Get Ready… and save the date. 27 February¬† 2021… best way to start the year unifying all us as one big tribe…

More Info Coming soon…
Stay tune.

Event Details

Timing: 3pm

Deejai Chiang Mai