Bright Whites Family & Friends super show

September 8

It’s a show, but super. It has Bright Whites (your favorite up-and-coming 5-piece local farang indie folk band). It has a veritable WAGONLOAD of Chiang Mai’s most talented farang musicians and poets (yes, we know, we need to get more Thai friends). It’s free. It’s on a Sunday night. It’s starting at a reasonable hour. It’ll have an open mic. It’ll be in a space so delightfully COZY and INTIMATE that it might aggravate your claustrophobia, in a way that an OVERLONG but LOVING HUG from a LONG-LOST FRIEND you haven’t kept in touch with might aggravate your claustrophobia. It’s Bonnie’s (our pianist) last show before she goes to her ANCESTRAL HOMELAND of MEXICO (kidding, she’s Irish).

But most importantly, it’s guaranteed to make you FEEL THINGS. Probably good things. Probably GREAT things.

Cost: free, buy a drink or something

7:30 – Open mic
8:00 – Everything else
Probably 10ish – Bright Whites

This event is free, but in the wake of the world being on fire, we’ll be asking for a donation, all proceeds going to the Natural Resources Defense Council. The NRDC is one of the most well-renowned and efficient charities tackling the climate crisis in the US and abroad. Please consider bringing cash to donate.

Event Details

Timing: 7pm - 11pm

Thapae East