World Cleanup Day

September 21

Please join, share and invite people to join, share and invite people to this event?

Where – every street in Chiang Mai, every district in Chiang Mai, every school in Chiang Mai, every university in Chiang Mai and every business!

We challenge school communities to clean their school and surrounding areas as part of this massive project.
We challenge universities and all faculties to come together and make their campuses beautiful.

Hospitals, Government Departments, District Offices and Foundations also need to join this activity.

We challenge you to play your part! Can you join us for just 3 hours?

As we join together for this one day, we will understand, the gigantic issues of waste management and disposal. In Chiang Mai daily 300 tons of waste is produced. We will have tips and other ways to reduce plastic consumption in Chiang Mai also.

Can’t wait to see you all 21st September all over Chiang Mai!

Event Details

Timing: 9 am

Thapae Gate