Women’s Empowerment Day

July 13

Come to join as women partner to support one another.

Five local women business owners are coming together for a women-support-women day.  There are sample products, discounts and of course community.  Come to ask questions and get to know these 5 amazing women entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai.

Who will be there?
1) Heather Lacy- Owner of Breathe Cafe and Essential Oils
2) Missy Marie- Owner of Babo Straws
3) Megan Reed- Owner of Herbal Healer
4) Panida Thingsui- Owner of Heart and Soul House
5) Marbella Barajas- Owner of Marbella Hybrid

What are selling?
Soy wax candles, bamboo straws, homemade body scrubs, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, empathy sessions, homemade herbal tea, and more.

Come to join and support our tribe.

Event Details

Timing: 10 am - 1 pm

Breathe Cafe
and Essential Oils

084 612 4687 Email Facebook