Open Heart – Creative Connection!

March 8


This is an open invite for the final fab community gathering to be held in the lovely garden of Open Heart Home.

This is bound to be a grandiose Sunday Celebration of Life, Art, Community and Connection!
Magical music, mind bending comedy, grandiose poetry, connective kirtan – we will have a program of performers, plus open sharing time to come pour your heart out on the open mic.

This delight-filled day will double as a special kind of send off for the founder of Open Heart – Rob Applegate. Rob is making moves for a most mysterious and mystical journey right on out of this particular human realm. It is his wish to help bring the CM community together for one last creative hoohar, weather he can be there or not.

Prepare for one of the many moments in life where beauty, sadness, joy and celebration can all dance and blend together in the incredible emotional ocean of the human experience. A chance to love up your fellow humans, laugh, sing a long, dance or cry your eyeballs out. Whatever takes your fancy.

Get in touch to join the line up to share something ahead of time, or simply come prepared for the open mic session. We will update on timing as things are decided.

You are also welcome to post to the discussion here with any visual art, audio or video messages you’d like to share.

Event Details

Timing: 5.30pm - 9.30pm

Open Heart Home

093 041 4767 Email Facebook