Global Climate Strike

September 27

BREAKING NEWS! Thailand.  There is no more rice in the fields, and no more fishes in the water (as the old Thai saying once said…)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL – THIS IS A CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Climate Strike Thailand is back this Sep. 20—school and work can wait, climate justice cannot.  We will demand our basic human rights for future survival on only our home planet, and we need all your help!

Droughts, floods, wildfires, tropical storms, spikes in air pollution—already in 2019 we have experienced all of these, and we’re just halfway through the year. These weren’t coincidences–this is climate change.  Our population of 65 million will continue to face not only more extreme weather and natural disasters, but also food and water scarcity, heat stress, injuries, water-borne diseases, and displacement. By 2030, Bangkok could be underwater completely, and permanently.

So we call on the Thai Government to declare a climate emergency now and set a target for 100% renewable energy share and decarbonise by 2050, by divesting from fossil fuels and phasing out coal by 2025 to limit carbon emissions and further climate change impacts.

While all individuals can create important incremental collective impacts in lifestyle changes, the biggest changes will have to come from corporations and the government. As citizens, we can all act collectively immediately by demanding that change.

But these governments and corporations are not our enemies—they are our friends, and friends help friends. They might have not done the best job at protecting us and our environment, but we know they can do better and we need to let them know.

Sign and share this petition ( to express your right to a better life today and a liveable planet for our the future.  This time, we have a bigger, better tactic to make your voices heard by our government. Meet us at Tha Pae Gate at 3 pm to quickly brief our plan, then get out there and do it!

This is an emergency meeting, just as much as it is a fun gathering, so our dress code: bright, vivid, neon, anything that says look at me, listen to me, I have some important to say: a matter of literal life and death! You don’t need to make any signs or bring anything (although plans might change, please stay tuned for updates). Just bring your spirit, your voice, your passion, your friends, teachers, grandparents, children, dogs, cats, your favorite cactus, your water bottle too, all earthlings are welcome to join, the more the merrier!

Event Details

Timing: 3pm

Tha Pae Gate