Treehouse Nature Camp – Project Based Summer Camp

July 25 - July 28

We are going to build a tree house In the enchanting setting of Lanna Rock garden.

If you ever dreamed about building a tree house, but never made it. This is the time to give your kids this experience!

We are going to learn about shapes and structures, designing together our tree house.
We will use different natural materials, wood and bamboo, and understand how they behave and what is the best use we can make of them in a tree house.

We will then focus on the building phase, learning safety and using tools, taking care of ourselves and others during the construction.

We will work on height with safety measures like harness and ropes. We will practice using hammers, nails and salaks (bamboo nails) to develop those manual abilities that people are loosing but are so important to develop both psychomotor skills and self confidence.
Give your kids the chance to experience this fun building practice, it will be incredibly empowering and a lot of fun!

The facilitators of this activity will be Ambra Ruffini and Cristian de Sola, natural building Architects working with Little Urban Farm and experienced in both construction and kids education. Check our last camps pictures for references!

This is a sleepover camp, 4 days activity, 3 night accommodation and all meals and snacks included.
Materials and personal safety tools included( helmet, gloves, harness)
—early bird price 9300 thb—-

***closed resistant shoes and long pants needed, to be provided by parents***

Write us for more information, only 15 vacancies available.

Event Details


Lanna Rock garden