The four elements summer camp – The fire camp

July 25 - July 26

The Fire Summer Camp

From July 25 to July 26.

Two-day camps. Saturday and Sunday.

Age group:
5 to 8 years old
9 to 12 years old

Khem Base Hut

Price per camp: 2,400 THB for 2 days, all food, materials and snacks, insurance included.

This camp is going to use fire as an element of transformation. We will ask and challenge the campers to see life and its stages by a perspective of change and transformation. Our actions and behavior are like a fire. We can beautiful things with fire, but if you don’t know how to manage, we may lose control and it can destroy everything.

We are going to guide kids with play-based, problem-solving, and project-based learning to answer those questions:

– What is Fire and where does ti come from?
(How long can a fire last? What can move fire? Materials, wind, what more? How about our emotions, how can we navigate on it?)

– What happens if there is no fire and what are the problems related to fire?
(How about our personal needs, how can we be mindful about our own boundaries, we like to eat warm food, but we need to take care to not hut ourselves when the food is really hot, how about friendship?)

Event Details

Timing: 9am - 5pm

Khem Base Hut