The Four Elements Summer Camp – Air Camp

July 20 - July 24

The Air Summer Camp

From July 20 to July 24.

Five days camp from Monday to Friday.

Age groups:
5 to 8 years old
9 to 12 years old

Compass Cafe (Home in Park)

Price per camp: 6,000 THB for 5 days, all food, materials and snacks, insurance included.

This camp is going to use water to focus on creativity and the ability to make projects. Basically, we will inspire campers to bring their ideas to reality.

We are going to guide kids with play-based, problem-solving, and project-based learning to answer those questions:

– What is Air and Where does it come from?
(What are the elements that created the ecosystems that allow us to have Oxygen to breathe? How important is to take care of Nature?)

– How does the air move?
(How can we create energy using the air, is it possible to charge a battery, how can we make it effective? How about our personal decisions, have you ever used more energy to create something that the energy it gives you? Is it a clever decision?)

– What happens if there is no air?
(How to work together to clear the air and to regenerate the planet. What is more important to stop polluting or transforming bad air into good air? How about creating a machine to do this? What if we call this machine tree?)

– How can we Use and Reuse Air
(In a world where everything is made to be broken, how can we learn to take care of things?)

– what can we learn from Water
(Kids are going to teach us during this session, let’s give them a chance. This is empowerment.)

Event Details

Timing: 9am - 3pm

The Little Urban Farm