Halloween storytelling day camp

October 19 - October 23

The Halloween Storytelling Experiences:
Project-based learning for kids to learn about emotional intelligence with halloween stories. At the end of this 5 days journey, kids will share their own stories to their families on Halloween.

Initial Date: Monday – Oct 19th, 2020
End Date: Friday – Oct 23rd, 2020
Everyday day: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Duration: 5 sessions.
Total hours in the camp: 30 hours
Total project-based learning hours: 6:30 hours

Maximum 20 participants.

Address: Kids Yoga Garden
135/13 Moo 3 Mu Ban Nai Fun, Pa Daet, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Course Description:
This is an immersive experience of storytelling that focus on the development of soft skill such as:
Ability to listen, considering the 5 levels of listening:
#1 Ignoring
The lowest level of listening is called ignoring – not listening at all. If you are distracted by anything while talking to a user, they can get the impression that you are ignoring them.
We will have an approach for kids to understand how important it is to be present with our friends and family members. The project-based learning with the story they will create and tell their families is an important way of creating a healthy and effective way of communicating.

#2 – Pretend Listening
Pretend listening is most easily explained in the face-to-face conversation. We will have a game where kids will pretend that one is listening to the other, just pretending and repeating the frases, and for this experience, we will learn that sometimes we need to listen first, and understand the other before being understood.

#3 – Selective Listening
During selective listening we pay attention to the speaker as long as they are talking about things we like or agree with. If they move on to other things we slip down to pretend listening or ignore them altogether.
We will create groups and ask kids to share things about what they like, and have random subjects that will challenge us to talk about it, even if they don’t know.
This is an effective way to develop humility and kindness, to understand that there is much more that we don’t know than what we know.

#4 – Attentive Listening
Attentive listening occurs when we carefully listen to the other person, but while they are speaking we are deciding whether we agree or disagree, determining whether they are right or wrong. Instead of paying close attention to the other person, we’re formulating our response to what he or she is saying.
To develop this skill we will have a storytelling activity that runs in a group, everyone needs to pay attention because we are going to co-create a story together. This activity is going to develop focus, attention, compassion and respect when others are talking. And the most important of all, adaptability. To get a story and shape it and make it different.

#5 Empathic Listening
Also known as empathetic listening, the top level of listening. This lesson is going to work to inspire kids and the group to create social and emotional intelligence skills to communicate.
We are going to work on this by telling the story that the group co-create together. This is also a story that kids can share with their parents at the Halloween Party.

For whom is it for?

This course is a day camp from Monday to Friday, at Kids Yoga Garden, from 9:30 to 3 pm. Kids that live or are based in Chiang Mai can join. Our target are families who understand the power of developing social skills and see
Halloween as an opportunity to learn meaningful things from stories in a play-based and really fun way.
What kind of project are we going to

Students are going to create two stories.
#1 – One group story that will co-create by the team developing team working skills.
#2 – A individual story that Kids will share their own Halloween stories with their families.

What do you get from this course?

Play-based storytelling skills;

Team-building and communication skills;

Reflection about others perception about a listening and talking;

Development of the ability to listen, plan and execute as agreed in a community project, a shared story.
Emotional intelligence to make sure that people are understand what they want to communicate;

Planning and execution skills based on a project (for kids);
Problem-solving challenges, the course is going to bring questions, and empower participants to find their own answers.
Meet your instructors

Gui Brotto is the Founder of The Little Urban Farm and works in regenerative projects in China, Cambodia, Indonesia and Europe and wants to inspire people to reconnect with nature and live more meaningful lives. Gui is also Ambassador of HundrED, an organisation in Finland that supports projects that are bringing innovation to education.

How much does it cost?
The program is a week journey. Our regular price is ฿ 7,600 THB per student, (due to the Covid-19 Crises we are co-creating a partnership with kids yoga garden and this course is going to be offering for only). (฿ 4,500 THB per student, it includes all activities from the Kids Yoga Garden as well, including food and snacks.

To confirm registration, please message The Kids Yoga Garden or The Little Urban Farm Facebook page.

Send an email to [email protected] to confirm the registration

Event Details

Timing: 9am - 3pm

Kids Yoga Garden

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