CMRCA 20 Year Anniversary Celebration and Community Crank Competition at Rescue Park Thailand

December 17

The past four and a half years have been filled with challenges including the closure of Crazy Horse, Covid-19 and the recent floods. Yet, much like climbing a difficult route or venturing into an unexplored cave, these experiences only serve to test our resolve and challenge us to be better. Through all that has happened in the past few years, we are still working hard to Fuel Progression and continue to do what we have done the past 20 years: Create transformational experiences that help our team, our community and our customers to become their best selves.

Please join us on 17 December, 2022 as we celebrate 20 years of climbing, caving, adventure and community. We could not accomplish anything we do without the amazing community that has been there with us through all the ups and downs. The event will be held @Progression Vertical and @Rescue Park Thailand and will have food trucks, drink stalls, a climbing competition and fun for the entire day.

Community Crank
The celebration begins by hosting the return of the popular Community Crank climbing competition. Held regularly for the past 15 years, this year’s event will include both youth and adult divisions, and include categories for all levels of climbers including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Join with other climbers and test yourself on 25 boulder problems and score as many points as you can. All ages and abilities are welcome so don’t miss out on this fun community session.

Entry Fees:
150 baht for members
250 baht for non members
Kids – 7 and under
Youth – 8 to 12
Junior – 13 to 17
Adult – Beginner
Adult – Intermediate
Adult – Advanced

Climbing Quiz Night
Following the crank, Quizmaster @Jens will facilitate his fun and zany climbing quiz night. Always a popular event, teams can compete with each other to see who has the best knowledge of both useful and sometimes “useless” fun facts about climbing and adventuring in Chiang Mai.

Prize Raffle
Last but not least, participate in a fundraiser raffle for great prizes from sponsors and partners from Chiang Mai and throughout Thailand including outdoor gear, climbing courses, gym memberships, and more. (Stay tuned for prizes over the next two weeks).

In an effort to help with development and maintenance of outdoor climbing in Chiang Mai, all proceeds from the Climbing Quiz Night and the Raffle will be donated to the TCDA (Thailand Climbing Development Association) and earmarked for use in Chiang Mai.

Stay tuned for details over the next ten days as we announce information about registration and highlight our food vending partners, prize lists and more.
We can’t wait to share this experience with you and look forward to seeing you all soon!

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