CM – Ftt4kidz Training

June 22

Come learn to help children navigate their emotions.

Help kids tell their story – whether you are a child professional, a teacher, a parent or you dream of a rewarding career helping children. FTT4KIDZ is an amazing system that helps children grow into happy, confident people who are equipped to make a positive contribution to their world.

New studies show that emotional intelligence is a key predictor to a successful future.
However we tend to emphasize academic preparation with children. Often little effort is put into teaching kids the emotional skills that they need to succeed in life. Knowing how to combat stress and take care of their feelings are key components to living a successful life.

A child will often simply store their unresolved negative feelings in their subconscious mind, creating ongoing problems sometimes for the rest of their life.

It is easier to build strong children then to repair an adult
FTT4KIDZ is a very simple but powerful system that allows a child to identify their emotions, release negative responses, blockages and feelings. It enables them to connect with their feelings through pictures and express themselves as never before. It has the power to completely change how a child relates to their experience of the world.

In FTT4KIDZ you help a child unravel their problematic feelings as they go on a journey with our special character, ‘U’, and the FTT4KIDZ cards.

Working and playing with a child and the Fast Track 4KIDZ system empowers the child to understand, resolve and release negative feelings, feelings that are sometimes causing negative behavior or withdrawal. It can also help the adult to have a better understanding of how this came into being. This increased understanding of a child’s behaviour is immensely healing for the child as well as being helpful for the adult dealing with the child.

This is an interactive training suitable for parents, teachers & professionals that deal with children.
FTT4KIDZ is committed to helping you become successful working with children whether it is your own child, your students or you are building a practice. A followup session is included in the training schedule and cost for practice, to insure any questions are answered and you to make sure you feel confident working with the system.

Build a future helping children.


Take the 1st step towards building a rewarding career with this training and our FTT4KIDZ Global Expansion program.

This training course includes numbered certificate of completion
and FTT4KIDZ play therapy card set and followup.
5,000 thb
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Timing: 1.00 - 4.00 pm

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