The Duke’s – Mother’s Day Pizza

August 12

The Duke’s Annual Mother’s Day Pizza – August 12th, 2019.

Invite your favorite orphanage to The Duke’s!  A chance to do something nice for the kids. Doesn’t matter who you are, who the kids are. All that matters is an orphanage that you want to bring to have a party. 

On August 12th, The Duke’s will hold Pizzas Parties for FREE for someone who recommends an orphanage of their choice and tell us why you want to bring them for a pizza party for the day.  It will be one of the 4 The Duke’s locations (Rimping, Night Bazaar, Promenada and Maya) and you have to come with them and have a good time. Make it a real good time and bring some of your friends.

The pizzas party include pizzas, chicken fingers, waffle fries, tater tots and fruit juices. Hey, the kids can recommend themselves!

Each venue can hold up to about 50 kids but sometimes we can squeeze in a little more. Depends how big the kids are (some of them are tiny).


Send us an email at

[email protected][email protected]

Get your group registered soon! 

Also, a lot of the groups like to sing us a song and we love it. We would like to encourage all the homes to sing. We’re going to do some filming and make a video.

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