Sustainability Social

September 1

Chiang Mai Compass invites you to the first potluck social gathering and networking opportunity to discuss how we can become more sustainable in our everyday lives and how we can support Chiang Mai to become more sustainable city/community through our actions. Special guest speaker Lisa Nesser, founder of Free Bird Café and the first Zero Waste store in Chiang Mai will also give a special practical hands-on talk about how anyone can live a Zero Waste lifestyle, with a particular focus on what is possible living in Chiang Mai.

This is a social grass roots movement to bring increased awareness about the vital importance of sustainability in everything we do, and help us overcome some of the common challenges we all face in trying to life a sustainable lifestyle. Practical solutions that exist today will be highlighted so we can learn how to incorporate them into our daily lives. This is an opportunity to not only learn and network but to build our community of practice, and importantly, help individuals, families and organizations become part of the solution. Being a potluck social event, we ask participants to all bring some food to share and enjoy at the event – but please don’t bring non-reusable plastic containers if possible, but re-useable, thank you.

Event Details

Timing: 3 - 6pm

Nong Buak Public Park