Dig and dig for planting

August 10

Saturday 10 August, Chiang Mai Street Jazz and the Chiang Mai Trust would like to invite all our friends to dig and dig, to prepare holes for planting 1,248 trees.

The Irrigation Department has given permission for the public to plant trees along more than 72 kilometers. So we would like to ask everyone to join together in this effort to create a better city.

The event will include a mini-concert by the Chiang Mai Street Jazz All Stars and will also feature music from P Cha (fr. Harmonica Sunrise).

The price of admission to the concert is to bring your own spade or hoe.

07:00 meet in front of BR Black Hotel (next to Nong Fluke’s shop) by the irrigation canal
Meeting to discuss the hole digging (how big the holes should be, to be careful of underground infrastructure systems, where to dig.)

07:30 Dispersing out to dig

09:30 Meeting back at B2 Black and relaxing to the music.

P.s. There will be water, tea, coffee and food for everyone. But for this campaign we’re committed to not leaving any trash behind so as not to create a garbage problem for the city. Therefore please bring your own reusable water bottle, spoons and forks or chopsticks, straws.

P.s.2 Don’t forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat for the sun or rain.

Event Details

Timing: 7am - 12pm

B2 Black Hotel