World wide waste #1 slow food, slow fish, slow cocktail

January 23

We are thrilled to launch ‘world wide waste’. A series created to explore hyper seasonal, hyper local foodways, and waste together with friends. To keep learning and changing the way we interact with nature, waste, culture, food, beverages, and other things that came along.

The first edition is with our dear friend Maadae Slow Fish Kitchen. There’s going to be slow food and slow fish tasting menu by Yaowadee Chookong and team which is inspired by Southern and Northern food culture.

wasteland will create special ‘slow cocktail’ with hyper seasonal + local food and repurposing ingredients from Maadae Slow fish Kitchen to pair with food!
Sunday 23 January 2022

1,250 Baht per person (Tasting menu + Cocktail pairings)

Reservation only. Limited seating following the social distancing measures.

For inquiries and reservations, message us on FB Messenger, IG Message, or our LINE @wasteland ( or Maadae Slow Fish Kitchen!

Event Details

Timing: 11am - 2pm

Maadae Slow Fish Kitchen

092 669 0514 Facebook