Sunset Hour at Ratree Bar

April 24 - June 24

As the sun sets over Ratree Bar, an enchanting experience awaits with our exclusive summertime specials during the daily
sunset spectacle.

From April 24th to June 24th, 2024, between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, Ratree Bar beckons you to immerse yourself in the
twilight magic with our seasonal delights. Picture yourself indulging in cocktails like the refreshing Siam Smile, the evocative
Ratree Twilight, or the dreamy Fluffy Clouds, each expertly crafted using locally sourced Thai spirits to tantalise your taste

To add an extra layer of delight to your sunset experience, enjoy a complimentary cocktail with every purchase, ensuring
that each sip is filled with joy and relaxation. Join us as we raise a toast to another beautiful sunset and revel in the serene
atmosphere of Ratree Bar amidst the summertime bliss

For details and reservations of dining experience, please visit the Four Seasons Chiang Mai Dining Page or call 053 298
181, email [email protected], or chat with us via the FS Chat App.

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