Signature Sweets : Sweetropolis presented by mirtphol 2019

July 2 - July 8

Central Festival Chiang Mai invites you to experience the sweetness of the famous dessert shop.  Taste Signature Drink menu of Thai fusion-style dessert from “Mit Phol Cafe”,  only in the event.

Collecting over 50 famous dessert cafe in one place, such as Royce’chocolate / Melon Pan / Panban / Nekoemon cafe / Fruiturday & Soft Serve House / Dharadhevi cake shop / Barneo Dessert Bar / Memorize / Mamamade by Baan Phuen / Nakama Café / Wan Lamoon / Khaofang dessert Café / Tea leaf lab / Charmbakery / Flavored sugar with exclusive activities, master chef season 2 with special menu creation, Panakotta And appease the love of photography With the most romantic corner style cafe, checkin and take pictures to show off your friends before anyone else.

2-8 July 62 at the Promotion Ground, 1st Floor, Central Festival Chiang Mai.

Event Details

Timing: 11.00 am - 9.00 pm

Central Festival

053 998 999