Rosy Cheeks – Delivery

May 1

Open for delivery or takeaway from 4pm until 9pm

Call 081-783-3642

Home Delivery on Grab

Examples of menu include:

  • Sweet & Sour Tofu 95THB
  • Bruschetta with charred egg plant, tomato, sweet corn, black bean, cucumber, red onion, balsamic reduction 140THB
  • Tamarind Leaf Salad 150THB
  • Vegetable roti with coconunt soya bean sauce 140THB
  • Papaya Padthai 170THB
  • Phorrito with chicken 160THB 
  • BB Ribs 365THB
  • Backed rice in clay pot with chicken 150THB and a whole lot more besides

Also can order from

Call 081-783-3642 or direct massage to our official facebook page “Rosy-cheeks”.

To get special offer 20% if order and pick up by your own.

Event Details

Timing: 4pm - 9pm