Murder among the Mateys: A mystery dinner party

March 7

Murder Among the Mateys

A mystery dinner where everyone is a star…and a suspect!

The Jaded Jewel, a pirate ship captained by the bloodthirsty Redbeard has arrived in port. As the pirates head into town to spend their ill-gotten loot, a night of turmoil and trouble is all but inevitable.

One guest will meet a tragic demise. The rest will share secrets, reveal clues and find the guilty party.

Was it the scheming first mate? The saucy serving wench? Perhaps it was the Governor’s innocent young daughter—or maybe the Governor himself?

A night of surprises, schemings and scallywags await you at the Salty Sea Dog Tavern.

March 7, 5:00 pm at the Villa Virtuosa Theater.
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Dinner and costumes are provided. There will be a no-host bar.

Tickets are 1,000 baht. Make your reservation by emailing [email protected].

Limited number of tickets available. Make your reservation now and choose the character you desire, characters are first-come, first serve.

Event Details

Timing: 5pm - 10pm

Villa Virtuosa

080 234 9489 Email Facebook