Dofann Cheese at Rimping Nim City Daily

February 29

Free cheese tasting!

Come at Rimping Supermarket Nim City try some of our best cheeses for the Launch of Dofann Cheeses “corner” !

Carefully handmade in Chiang Mai using traditional process!

Raw Goat Milk Cheese:
Dofann Fresh Goat cheese
Dofann Fresh with black pepper
Dofann Fresh Garlic & herbs
Dofann Petit Blanc ( semi fresh)
Dofann Longkhot ( semi fresh ashed)
Dofann Colline (Matured)
Dofann Buchette de Chiang Mai ( semi fresh)
Dofann Ciboulet Fresh spread Goat Cheese ( tartare style)
Dofann Santhong Tomme de chevre
Dofann Goat Ricotta
Dofann Feta

Raw Cow mIlk Cheese
Dofann Molene Camembert ( semi fresh)
Dofann Sanfah Blue cow milk cheese
Dofann Santhongdeng Tomme de vache

New sustainable wood boxes !

Bring back your old boxes and get 20 to 30 thb discount on your new Dofann cheese or collect them with no remorse has they are locally and sustainably sourced from fast growing ”city wood”

Event Details

Timing: 11am - 3.30pm

Nim City Daily