Discover ‘Green Season’ favourites at Khao by Four Seasons

August 13 - September 3

The resort’s experts go LIVE on Facebook every Friday to showcase highlights from the menu

Recommended by Michelin Guide 2021 as one of the must-visit restaurants in Chiang Mai, Khao by Four Seasons at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai has been at the forefront of showcasing both innovative menus and heirloom recipes from Northern Thailand. Senior Chef de Cuisine, Anchalee Luadkham helms a talented team of experts who have spent the last few months researching ‘green season’ menus that combine seasonal ingredients and authentic recipes. “Chiang Mai is most picturesque during the monsoon and our resort premises reflects this beauty with lush vegetation and paddy fields,” smiles Young Rha, Director of Food & Beverage, adding, “Some of the most exotic fruits are in season and flowers are in colorful bloom.”

Fruits of Thailand

Combining a love for these seasonal fruits and authentic Thai recipes, Anchalee has put together a delightful menu featuring local produce. “I always refer to my mother’s recipes,” smiles Anchalee, “Her cooking techniques have taught me to balance flavours and textures of Northern Thai cuisine effortlessly.”

Available for both lunch and dinner starting September 01, the special fruit-inspired menu includes classics like Yum Mamuang, Pla Duk Fu (Green Mango Salad, Crispy Cat Fish, Pennywort Leaves) and Tum Som O Chaing Mai (Pomelo Salad). However, it is the use of snake fruit, banana, pineapple and pink longans that truly elevates the flavour profiles of the menu. “Juicy, sweet and sour, adding ‘salak’ (snake fruit) to Panaeng Nua (beef curry) Picanha intensifies the flavour while keep the dish balanced,” she shares. Another unusual combination is banana with prawns in a yellow curry. “I like adding Hom Thong banana or ‘kluai’ to enhance the texture of the curry – it is creamier, richer and has a unique fragrance,” adds Anchalee. Other delicacies on the menu include the sweet, salty, sour and spicy Ma Hor Suparod Pulae – an authentic Thai savoury with Pulae Pineapple from Chiang Rai Province, and Gai Tom Lum Yai Sri Choompoo (Free Range Chicken Soup with Pink Longan from Lumphun Province). “Longans are rich in vitamins, minerals and useful amino acids. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that longan has properties to improve the efficiency of blood flow,” she shares.

Pan-Asian Twist Specialising in Asian and modern Australian cuisine, Executive Chef Liam Nealon brings a fresh approach to menus and cuisines he dabbles with. His mantra is to let the ingredients shine and is dedicated to personally sourcing the best produce. Liam’s special menu of close-to-the-heart recipes at Khao by Four Seasons includes BBQ Spring Chicken, Scallop and Prawn ‘Tom Kha’ Ceviche, Sang Choy Bao, Sticky Pork Belly and Bhun Thit Nuong. A favourite? “Tom Kha Ceviche,” smiles Liam, “It has the perfect blend of flavours and textures to complement the season.” Experimenting with Vietnamese flavours, Liam’s Bun Thit Nuong highlights the contrasts between sizzling hot grilled pork and cool rice vermicelli. “Perfect for tropical weather!” he asserts.

Going LIVE “We’re excited to share some of these signature recipes with our guests through a Facebook LIVE,” says Young. Viewers can discover the nuaces of Khao by Four Seasons’ signature dishes in an interactive format.

13 August: Tom Kha Ceviche (Prawn & Scallop Ceviche) by Liam

20 August: Gaeng Karee Goong, Kluai Hom Thong (Yellow Curry with Prawn, Banana, Cherry Tomato, Onion, Purple Sweet Potato) with Anchalee

27 August: Bun Thit Nuong with Liam

03 September: Panaeng Nua Picanha with Salak (Panang Picanha Beef, Snake Fruit, Basil) with Anchalee

The resort has saved the best for the last session with Anchalee sharing her favourite Panaeng Nua Picanha with Salak (Panang Picanha Beef, Snake Fruit, Basil) with the resort’s General Manager, Anthony Gill. “Meet our masters every Friday!” smiles Young.

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