Daddy’s Dish – Delivery

March 24 - April 13

Call 096-697-4679

Free Delivery in Meechok and Old City Area

Weekly Price 590 THB /10 Meals **Get 1 more Detox Water

Monthly Price 2,250 THB/ 40 Meals **Get 4 more Detox Water

Examples from the Menu Fried Rice with shrimp 69THB / Basil Shrimp 69THB / Stir Fried Broccoli with shrimp 69THB / Stir  fried Pumpkin with chicken 59THB / Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables 59THB/ Stir Fried Black Pepper with Chicken 59THB / Fried Riceberry with avocado pineapple and chicken 69THB and much more besides…

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Daddy’s Dish

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