Coffee Mania#6 at Chiang Mai Traditional House Fair

March 1 - March 3

Coffee Mania#6
1-3 March 2024 time 9.00-19.00 hrs.
At the Chiang Mai Traditional House Fair

The COFFEE MANIA event for the annual activities of the most important ancient house project is held every 2nd year during the past and at the end of the year and meets all the coffee lovers who are waiting.

Aiming to promote and create tourism with the aim of heading to Chiang Mai, the coffee city, and promoting the coffee industry in the northern region to grow and be important.

We meet for the 6th time in the concept of Coffee Journey, a simulation of coffee. This time we will take you to meet coffee together with its coffee. Come and be the coffee that we drink. What will the origin of each cup of coffee be like? What does it have to go through from the seedlings to planting to grow until the seeds are released as a whole and ferment the coffee beans? Bring the coffee beans to the core process before roasting, milling the husks to sort and separate the coffee beans. The process of roasting coffee beans into coffee beans and exporting them for sale is all combined into a coffee journey that we recommend. Find various things at Coffee Mania#6 and be able to connect with branded coffee shop operators. Leader of Chiang Mai Province 30 stores

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Chiang Mai Traditional House Fair