ChaBao – Discover Tea Treasure

March 24 - October 13

Chinese Tea expertly served puts one in a sweet mood of meditation and reflection.

In the Foothills of Chiang Mai, where the lotus and lilies blossom and the Cuckoo sings its liquid sweet song….

Discover Tea Treasure
Cha Bao | 茶宝

A Spiritual Tea Room

The Finest Teas from China

Tieguanyin | 铁观音
Pu’er | 普洱
Longjing | 龙井茶
White Tea | 白茶
Snow Lotus | 天山雪莲
Da Hong Pao | 大红袍
Purple Bud | 紫芽
Yunnan Black Tea | 滇红

Come join us…It is Free!

Event Details

Timing: 3.30 - 5.00 pm

Tea Treasure