Billy Italian Restaurant – Take away or Delivery

March 24 - April 13

Telephone 081-288-1480 or 053-272-529

Open 11am until 8.30pm

Food Panda / Meals on Wheels

Samples of the menu include..

STARTERS: Baked scalope 220THB / smoked salmon, ice cabbage, olive parsley lemon 200THB / Veal slice, parmesan cheese, olive oil lemon 190THB / Mix cheese 320THB

MAIN COURSES: Pannae Salmon 240THB / Carbonara 180THB / Bolognese pasta  180THB / Al Pesto pasta 180THB / Lasagna classica 220THB / Lasagna vegetarian 220THB / salmon fillet with mushroom cream sauce 250THB / Breaded Red Snapper 220THB/ Chicken roli with bacon and cheese 220THB / chicken lemon sauce 190THB / lamb rack 299THB / Pork chop 220THB and much much more

Event Details

Timing: 11am - 8.30pm

Italian Restaurant

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