Tamara (2016)

August 16

By Alexandre Castagnetti with heloise Martin,
Sylvie Testud, Alexey Guskov, rayanne bensetti, 100 minutes, fra. Subtitles.

Fifteen-year-old Tamara, who has a complex about her ample curves, decides to rid herself of her “fat” label. To get all the gossips’ to shut up, she wages a bet with her best gal pal that she’ll manage to date the first guy who walks through the classroom door after the summer break. She’s out of luck: that guy just happens to be Diego, the best-looking guy in high school. The wager becomes more difficult for Tamara…

15-Year-old Tamara, is particularly complexed by her curves. To get free from her bad label in high school, she decides to take things in hand! She makes the bet with her best friend to go out with the first boy who will pass the door of the class. The chosen one is Diego, a beautiful young man, and Tamara sees her chances to succeed her bet go away

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