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January 16


The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle finds a live-action Downey playing the unconventional doctor who can speak to CG animals. Rex Harrison played the title character in the original 1967 movie, while Eddie Murphy starred in a pair of hit comedies roughly 20 years ago. This version boasts an all-star cast including Tom Holland, Rami Malek, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Selena Gomez, Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Octavia Spencer, Marion Cotillard, Michael Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Craig Robinson and Carmen Ejogo — most of whom voice Dolittle’s animal friends.



UNDERWATER is a film that follows a crew of underwater researchers who must scramble to safety after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory.

Directed by William Eubank, UNDERWATER stars Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Vincent Cassel and John Gallagher Jr..





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