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December 5

Tootsies And The Fake

Hi-s! Hi-s! This is the first time the tootsie gang will be raising hell on the big screen after becoming a homegrown Thai TV sensation. The three famously funny tootsies, Gus (Paopetch Charoensook), Golf (Thongchai Thongkuntom), Kim (Ratthanant Janyajirawong) and their resident femme, Natty (Pattarasaya Kruasuwansiri) are on a mission improbable to “fake it until they make it”. . All hilarious hell breaks loose when gayzilla Golf accidently causes celebrity superstar Cathy (Araya A. Hargate) to slip and fall unconscious a week before she must shoot a lucrative TV commercial. Faced with a 50-million-baht lawsuit if Cathy is a no-show. They dream up a plan to find a look-alike to pose as the real Cathy.

Their wishes come true after they track down a street food hawker named Nam (also played by Araya A. Hargate), who had enough plastic surgery to make her an almost perfect match. Dreams are shattered when they discover that Nam has nightmarish manners and a very impulsive personality, totally opposite of the real Cathy who is famous for being very polite and extremely sweet. Can they pull all their rainbow powers together and turn a street-food-nobody cook into the brightest shooting star in the entertainment universe? . TOOTSIES & THE FAKE, prepare to be loud and proud at the theatres on 5 December 2019!.


Ne Zha

Born with unique powers, a boy is recruited to fight demons and save the community that fears him.

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Timing: 11am - 9pm

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