Haru Lev’s Vegan Film Showcase + Dominion Screening

February 29

South Korean filmmaker Haru Lev is hosting a little vegan film festival in Chiang Mai.
She is presenting her 2 featured documentaries and 1 short film for the first time in Thailand!
It’s all free event. Please join with open heart. Welcome!

TAO Cafe & Community
Dream Space Gallery Theater Zone

14:00 Dominion
17:00 Tunnel Vision & Black Illusion
19:00 Bluebird Wandering School

by Chris Delforce (120min)

Using drones, hidden cameras and portable cameras, Dominion show the hidden backside of the meat industry and factory farming. By uncovering and exposing it, we get a chance to doubt the morality and validity of mankind’s dominant role in today’s animal kingdom.

In addition to animals raised primarily for food, we cover in depth how humans exploit and abuse animals in fashion, entertainment and research experiments.
Actor Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, singer-songwriter Sia participated for the narration to speak up for the animals. It was produced in Australia in 2018, co-produced by Shaun Monsond, creator of Earthlings.
[language – English / Thai subtitles]

Tunnel Vision(2019)
by Haru Lev (13min)

Short experimental film about speciesism.
[Swedish, English, Italian / English and Korean subtitles]
Black Illusion(2019)
by Haru Lev (42min)

Where are the huge quantities of black pig meat in South Korea coming from? What’s the correlation between our environment and daily meat consumption? This film is asking questions about things we took for granted, through a harsh journey trying to find a living black pig on Jeju island.
[Korean / English and Korean subtitles]

Bluebird Wandering School(2019)
by Haru Lev (79min)

Haru rescued her 15-year-old brother Min from the South Korean education system which is very prescriptive and oppressive. She established an experimental alternative school, which is based on non-violence, compassion, openness, and freedom.
They traveled to Germany, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Iceland and Canada for 6 months in an attempt to learn from each other in nature and different cultures, with an end goal to cultivate an independent, and free human who is unconstrained from the system.
Along the way they tried their best to stay in the forefront of movements against all forms of discrimination and oppression. This film is the documentation of their first 3 month journey.
[Korea, English, German, Hebrew / English and Korean subtitles]

There will be 10-20min of question and disscusion time after each film with director Haru Lev.

Haru was born and raised in Seoul. After 16 years of studying, she left Korea to find a meaning of life. She traveled for over 5 years, visited 58 countries, and hitchhiked more than 37,000km by herself.

During this time, she started to make a film to show what she learned on the road and spread the message to the world. She is still moving all around the world as an environmental, human, woman, and animal rights activist.

Event Details

Timing: 2pm - 10pm

TAO Cafe and Community