Friday Film Night at Alliance Francaise

March 6


by André Téchiné with Catherine Deneuve,
Kacey Mottet Klein, Oulaya Amamra, 103 minutes, ENG. Sub.

Muriel is overjoyed. Her grandson Alex, will be staying at her place a few days before moving to Canada. Intrigued by his curious behavior, she soon discovers he’s been lying. Alex is preparing a different life. Distraught, Muriel must act – and there is no time to lose…

Muriel is excited to see Alex, her grandson, who comes to spend a few days at home before leaving to live in Canada. Intrigued by her behavior, she soon finds out he lied to her. Alex is getting ready for another life. Muriel, upset, needs to react very quickly…

Event Details

Timing: 8pm

Alliance Française
de Chiang Maï

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