A Night of Awareness on Refugee Education

August 31

oin us Saturday 31 August in an appeal to raise emergency funds for the Karenni Social Development Center (KSDC), a small community based organization that runs training programs for Karenni young adults in human rights, democracy, law, the environment, community management, IT and English. They are based along the Thai-Burma border in Nai Soi.

Very recently KSDC lost their long-term donor of 18-years. Funding has been drying up on the border region of Thailand/Burma for many years now. The donor’s reason for pulling their funding is that Burma is now a budding democracy, so they are moving funds inside the country. The problem is, Burma is a budding democracy that has not yet received enough sunlight, enough exposure, nor does it have fertile enough soil for that bud to turn into a flower. It needs more time, KSDC needs more time.

In an effort to increase visibility and raise funds for KSDC there will be two short film screenings of ‘Like We Don’t Exist,’ and ‘Difficult to Stay, Difficult to Go Home.’

The screenings will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by the The Tea Leaf Center. We are grateful to have the following speakers address refugee education and the challenges of cross-border aid.

Kelly Labkorekkasuk: Education Program Manager at ADRA International
Matt Green: Volunteer Coordinator at the Karenni Social Development Center
Mitos: President and Executive Director of Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE)
Naw WahKu Shee: Coordinator at the Karen Peace Support Network

Special thanks to Free Bird Cafe for sponsoring the event and providing refreshments. Join us for a social hour of cocktails from their new menu afterwards.

Donations to SDC can also be made via PayPal here: http://karennisdc.org/training-human-rights-advocates/support-us/donate/

Event Details

Timing: 6pm - 9pm

Free Bird Cafe

099 351 4404 Email Facebook