Perd Muang Tai #13

December 9 - December 13

Open Muang TaiĀ  festival (Tai Yai City) is a metaphor of Mae Hong Son city gate, welcoming tourist who travel to mae Hong Son to truly immerse in Mae Hong Son life.


  • Enjoy the unique and memorable show of Mae Hong Son cultures and traditional.
  • Experience the diversity of ethnic group.
  • Discovery the exotic teste of Tai Yai food.
  • Don’t miss a chance to live the tribe ways of life in the display home.
  • Local products and food stalls from local vendor that we exclusively for this event.

Program form 6pm-10pm

  • Sample a sensational selection of Tai Yai food only in this event.
  • Shows spectacular culture performance of Mae Hong Son’s uniqueness and the diverse tribal way of life.
  • Shop local product and food of Tai Yai occupational groups and entrepreneurs in Mae Hong Son.
  • Snap stunningly beautiful shots of festival and colorful atmosphere.
  • Share your impression of an enchanting memory.

More information

Facebook: Trip Maehongson

Call: 053 611 385


Event Details

Timing: 6pm - 10pm

Shan Studies Center, Mae Hong Son

053 611 385 Website Facebook