Kadmuankuaboon Charity Fundraiser

March 5

1pm – 6pm in front of Fah Lanna Spa

All proceeds will be for education supplies and the improvement of the lunch program with the creation of a vegetable garden in a school in a small hill tribe village in Goormoodeurn village, May Hong Son Province.

You can come and join us and shop second hand clothes, books, drinks, food & snacks and other items. Second hand clothes are priced mostly 50 or 100 Baht.

We are also looking for Donations: We also accept cash donations or pre-loved items like clothes, games, books etc. that can be sold or donated to the school. You can drop them at Fah Lanna Spa reception before 3 March 2020.

We appreciate if your clothes haven been washed as we don’t have the facilities to wash donated items for the event. This Charity Fundraiser is organised by Fah Lanna Spa and friends and is a regular activity.

You can follow www.facebook.com/kadmuangkuaboon/ for updates.

To drop off your donations:

Contact details are at https://fahlanna.com/contact-us/

Fah Lanna Spa on 57 Wiang Kaew Road, close to Thai Airways office near Chang Puak Gate, inside the moat,

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/DZnTMqhE3pN2

[email protected]

Phone 089 264 8564

Event Details

Timing: 11am - 6pm

Fah Lanna Spa

089 264 8564 Email Facebook