Chiang Mai BlaBla Language Exchange

February 6

“BlaBla Language Exchange” – What is it?
BlaBla Language Exchange is an international community (of French origin), present in more than twenty countries, offering regular and free language exchanges.

🇬🇧 How it works?
We begin our events with an English group, so that everyone can understand each other.
Step by step, as soon as 3 people want to speak the same language, we will open other language groups. For example, if 3 people want to speak Spanish, we would open a Spanish group.

Who can participate?
We welcome all those who wish to participate in the event, whatever your language level. We obviously ask you to respect the other participants.

How to participate?
Registration –
We limit places available for certain events. If you have registered and you have an unexpected – please send us a message to cancel your registration. In the opposite case, you may be refused next time.

How to contact us?
The fastest way to contact us is as follows –
Blabla Language Exchange
If you do not have Facebook –

Event Details

Timing: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Website Facebook