Treasure Your Trash

September 21

‘Treasure Your Trash’ Up-cycled Plastic Product Workshop (Free and open for anyone)

Plastic waste is one of the major contributors towards environmental degradation, directly and indirectly causing the death of millions of land and marine animals, as these waste are increasingly mistaken for source of food.

Weave Artisan Society strives to create sustainable designs that are friendly to our natural environment and its animals. Come and join us on the 21st of September 2019 (aka World Cleanup Day) to see how we transform these waste into innovative, creative and fun products that we can all use in our homes and offices. Together, we can turn these problems into solutions!

If you’re interested please register here :
(for early registration you’ll get some special snack on the event)

‘Treasure Your Trash’ Event Schedule:

10:00-12:00; Join Chiang Mai Clean City and their volunteers to collect trash(sure) around Tha Phae Gate.

14:00-16:30; Learn about different types of recyclable plastics and then join Bope studio to make your own up-cycled plastic products at Weave Artisan Society.

16:30-18:00; Live Painting on Recycled Plastic Canvas by local Artist Tua Pen Not at Weave Artisan Society.

‘Treasure Your Trash’ is a FREE event, we’re open for everyone. Come and join as together we can make the world better. Get to learn to create your own handmade artpiece with Bope studio. Hope to see you guys at Tha phae Gate!!

Event Details

Timing: 10am - 6pm

Weave Artisan Society

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